Loft Conversions London

Loft King was started by George Kain, a Kiwi builder, who has lived in London for around seven years now. He began Loft King back in 2004 as freelance subcontractors to a range of the established loft conversion companies that offer quick builds at aggressive prices. Since then they have grown into a business supplying comprehensive loft conversion bundles to householders and currently complete in excess of 30 loft conversions in London every year. From architectural drawings right through to construction they offer you an end to end solution as well as anything in between.

They consider in an upfront and fair approach to building and are proud of their constant success and continuing growth as a provider.

Main Goals

At Loft King they try to Satisfy the following goals on every job:

1. Strategy every job with a new perspective and provide constructive ideas that will help to optimise the available distance to it's fullest

2. Keep a strong and positive client - builder connection at all times

3. Finish all projects on time and always within budget

4. Provide a continued post completion support system second to none

Experience and Expertise

As a result of having worked closely with a number of attic companies in the past they think they offer a supreme and more effective service to customers. They combine a solid aid service with vetted tradesmen to create dependable and motivated teams. Their in house architects are attic experts and are always up to date with the ever changing regulations regarding loft conversions. They use modern construction techniques and you can count on their experience and expertise to know how to best create that additional room in your house with minimal disturbance for you and your family.

Working together with Loft King means you'll find a higher quality end, better and faster support, and a loft that may ultimately increase the worth of your home. Being a relatively small attic conversion company in north London enables more flexibility and the ability to accommodate your specific requirements all at very competitive prices. The people you talk with will be the folks working on your own loft conversion.

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