Booklet Printing comes in many forms and sizes, so here's a helpful guide to the ranges of booklets which Zest Printing offer

Saddle Stitched Booklet Printing

Saddle stitching is a printers term for stapling. A6 to A4 in size and portrait or landscape orientation and pages must be in multiples of 4. Pages are printed, folded and stapled along the spine .Great for booklets up to 64 pages.

Perfect Bound Booklet Printing

A5 to A4 in size and portrait or landscape orientation. Perfect binding is the way paperback books are bound. Fantastic for booklets too thick for saddle stitching, additionally adds gravitas to corporate reports.

Wire Bound Booklet Printing

A5 to A3 in size and portrait or landscape orientation. Wire binding or coil binding is ideal for files that you would like to lie flat or fold back on itself such as instruction manuals, presentations or instructional reference documents.

There are many choices of paper stock and cover choices available too to improve the appearance and feel of your leaflet.

Booklets are Excellent for :

- Catalogues

- Programmes

- Coaching manuals

- Technical manuals

- Pupil diaries

- Pupil and teacher listing books and resources

At Zest they love what they do and they love sharing everything they understand, but every job is different and begins with everything you want it to achieve. Who's it for and what does it have to perform.

Zest Printing provides many excellent book printing options which are delivered double quick time. Booklet Printing comes in several sizes and forms. Select the best choice that is most suitable for you.