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Why would you need to convert a Word file to a PDF? There are many reasons: Maybe you have been collecting notes for an guide or book you are writing and you'd love to include them in another draft. Maybe you need to process a couple of online applications and compile them into a single presentation. Whatever the reason, the course of action is always time-consuming and involves editing in addition to software and online converters that are either overpriced or littered with ads.

How can you convert a Word document to a PDF? It is possible with AltoWordtoPDF.

The Way It Works

1. Start with uploading a document in Word format. You can just click it, drag and drop it into the working area on this page with no installments or pre-payments.

2. All that is left to do is click on "Convert" and you're done. You can now download the final PDF version of your document to your computer.

Now you're ready to attach this PDF to some email and send it to a boss or customer. You may edit it with your favourite tools and utilize it in almost any e-book or presentation. Or you can delete it and select another Word document.

Our team provides a quick, simple service for those who want to stop procrastinating and find the must-have alternative. Everything you will need for the office must be available and easy to use. That's why we created AltoWordtoPDF - upload your file and let's do the job.

Publish a Word Document - Publish any Word file to a PDF immediately. Simply drag and drop the document you need converted into the box above. Delete it to start over.

Change the Format Online - Don't spend time downloading and installing any applications to change a Doc to a PDF. Just click the Convert button when your Word doc was uploaded.

Absolutely Free - Unlike the majority of providers, AltoWordtoPDF is totally free and does not require any software to be installed and downloaded. Save your money with this particular program.

Encrypted files transfer - We offer an encrypted connection so you might safely upload and convert your files. All files are automatically removed from the server after they have been processed.

Compatibility with major platforms - Change all your Word files to PDFs whatever the operating system you have. Run on Linux, Windows, iOS and out of any internet-connected apparatus.

Converting documents in the cloud - AltoWordtoPDF is an internet service. No extra space on your device or computer will be absorbed from using it. Transform your Word documents to PDFs anytime.

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