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To use AltoPDF

AltoPDF is a multifunctional PDF solution that makes managing files easier. Since this is a user friendly provider, it is simple to convert PDF in a couple of clicks.

All you need is simply to drag and drop a necessary PDF to a box or to navigate a device for a file. From the menu handle a document and select a feature that is essential.

Convert PDF online

AltoPDF is a compact pdf converter that lets you convert files both from and to PDF format. Convert PDF files into a high number of other document formats like Word, presentations and pictures.

Take an advantage of converting files to PDF from PowerPoint, Word, PNG and JPG formats.

Edit PDF online

AltoPDF editor offers a host for manipulating PDF files of functionalities. This service supplies its users with an extensive toolkit and enables rotating pages in a file as well as merging files. We're planning to show you more functionalities like splitting files and capability to lessen their size so as to generate document managing process simpler.


This is one of the characteristics that are provided by AltoPDF. Users can make certain all uploaded files will probably be deleted in 24 hours automatically.

Your files will be procured and nobody else will have access to them. You also will be able to safeguard documents with our free service and to unlock the password-protected PDF files.

Supported File Formats

AltoPDF supports numerous formats that help to satisfy your requirement. For instance, when dealing with files, such formats like PDF and Microsoft Word are available. This service also supports such image formats as JPG, PNG as well as demonstration format - PPT. We're going to empower your user experience and enhance the amount of formats available such as TIFF, TXT, RTF and ePub.

Manipulating Documents on the Go

Since such a powerful service does not require any download or software installation, you may easily handle your PDFs on the move with any device. AltoPDF is a cross-platform service that will be readily operated on Windows, Mac or Linux. Whether you need to convert or to personalize your documents, you may do it effortlessly from a tablet or smartphone just using your browser.

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