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Founded in 2018 by Dale Komoda, Da Monkey Mind has come a long way from its infancy in Honolulu, Hawaii. When Dale Komoda first started out, his enthusiasm for Da Monkey Mind helping people laugh with drawings and pictures drove him to find another way to discuss ideas on t-shirts which will attract an awareness with mindfulness for others. Laughter is a great remedy for stress and most of us know just how stressful our jobs can be, if you understand what I mean.

Da Monkey Mind gives 10% of proceeds from each order to a non-profit Lanakila Meals on Wheels for the older. They have helped the older .

The name of the store was created to understand Zen and the way Da Monkey Mind interferes with everyday life. Eastern philosophy is hard to understand without the stories with Da Monkey Mind pictures which I will create using actual men and women. Zen tries to get the vacant mind without attachments or needs of the world. It attempts to stop Da Monkey Mind from happening or causing trouble in mind. An explanation would be to have a mind full of ten television stations on viewing consistently to all and not knowing which to see due to lack of concentration and also much distractions. A watching of all of the stations. Zen teaches to focus on the (Here and Now), staying at the present instant, focusing and just experiencing what's facing you. Staying away in the past because it occur and the future which never comes because it's today.

Da Monkey Mind is hard to tame because It wants you not to concentrate and focus on that 1 channel. Coaching of the mind takes discipline such as martial arts, sports, an activity along with contest. Surfing for an example will cause the flow or at the zone. It'll occur and time will fly because it is enjoyable due to concentrate, concentration, and repeat. To do things naturally like a pitcher in baseball which may throw a rate ball 90 miles or shooting the basketball without even aiming. This action is the mind and it only occurs due to the experience.

How did I think of the designs on the shirts? Well, Da Monkey Mind is about situations that come up and eventually become a reality. By way of example, my friend Paul who's a hard working man that resides on the west side. He taught me rules about surfing such as, "no make noise when surfing because it isn't wonderful." Paul believes that "surfing is serious business" meaning that the waves may be harmful and if people do not know what they are doing then significant harm may result. He stated that etiquette has to be use and" no falling in" on someone when he's taken off as a guideline.

How can this relate to you? Think of situations where zen and Da Monkey Mind can be implemented. To know how to get from the flow or at the zone. There are days that when you awaken and feel good and whatever you do goes according to plan with simplicity is the" flow" or "in the zone." Then there are days when you wake up and it starts out bad and whatever you do turns poor. It is like you are out of sync with the entire world. Stress is part of Da monkey mind and being out of sync and using a committee in your mind creates chaos. What exactly is there to perform or solution for this out of sync would be to meditate to calm the mind or find some kind of sport to take out the spin cycle in mind.

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