How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners

The question of "how to start selling on Amazon" is one that I get asked frequently. I've written many articles about how to market on Amazon but not a comprehensive guide to selling on Amazon made particularly for novices. This post will begin at step one and allow you to know what it takes to earn money selling.

My goal with this post is to show you the full process of what it takes to market on Amazon. I think you will have sufficient information to decide if selling on Amazon is something which you wish to 24, after reading this post.

Before we get into the specifics I will give you a quick introduction of my experience advertising on Amazon.

I have been selling on Amazon since 2008 once I was a freshman in school. As an accountant I quit my full time job back in September of 2013 to pursue making a full time income and have been running my business since. During this time I have learned many things which have helped my business succeed. In 2015 and 2016 my company did well over $1 Million dollars in sales each year on Amazon. It has been a ton of fun, and it is fascinating to see sales continue growing.

I did not start selling on Amazon at this level. My goal with sharing this is to give you an idea of the potential. In earnings, I'd about $ 3,000 in October my month selling on Amazon full-time, of 2013. You can read the results article for that month HERE, but my point is to demonstrate that you can start selling in a small scale on Amazon. If you browse through a few of their results that are monthly posts after that you can observe the development of your own enterprise.

With that short intro, let's get into everything is needed to market on Amazon.

How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners Article

That I will first provide an overview of how selling on Amazon works. Amazon is the largest retailer in the world, and you can have goods you market listed for sale on Amazon. In return for a number of fees that you pay to Amazon, your items can be shown to millions of consumers. We'll get into what products to sell in this informative article. For now, let's take a peek which you are currently selling on Amazon.

If you sell on Amazon your item will be displayed in either the buy box or in the other vendors part of the Amazon product detail page. Typically there are only 3 sellers shown from the other sellers section on the product page. If there are over 3 other sellers, which is very common, then the buyer is going to have to click to view all of the available offers to see every vendor who is on the listing. Additionally, it is important to note that sellers for the identical item display on the exact same page. If you have sold on eBay in the past, then this will be a small shift. You are able to add your product offering on the product detail page as vendors when selling on Amazon. In the case of this Catan game over, you can find 81 complete seller who have this item for sale at the right time of the screenshot. The purchase box vendor along with the other vendors segment are the only sellers that are featured at the current moment. Getting the buy box is an integral portion of seeing success. The algorithm is not known, but 3 of the top factors you can control are: your price, your feedback score, and your method.

The satisfaction method is very important to optimizing your results on Amazon. Using Fulfillment from Amazon as your fulfillment method is going to be among the greatest things you can do in order to generate sales when selling on Amazon.

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